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124 Teams
-154 Days
6 Nations

HBCUP-SÜDTIROL is proud to invite you
to the biggest junior handball tournament in the Alps
on artificial turf in Sand in Taufers - South Tyrol

over 300 action-packed matches...
... to be played starting Saturday 8:00 AM until Sunday, about 4 PM. The presentation ceremony on Sunday at about 4.30 PM marks the event's highlight.

11 nations and over 2000 youth players...
... with teams from Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republich, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Poland and Taiwan are about to partake at this exciting handball tournament on the sunny side of the Alps.

5 open pitches on the artificial turf of Taufers...
... will be the center of attention for the next three days; a big crowd is garantueed. In case of rain, the matches will be played in two indoor arenas.

Opening ceremony - On Friday at 9:00 PM...
... the opening ceremony takes place right in the village center of Sand in Taufers...

Team officials game - On Friday at 10:00 PM...
... the team official's game takes place in floodlights. After that it's live music entertainment.

On Saturday at 9:00 PM
... player-party with surprises for all birthday kids – don’t miss it!!!

8 categories...
Under 18 male born 2005/2006
Under 16 male born 2007/2008
Under 14 male born 2009
Under 13 male born 2010/2011
Under 18 female born 2005/2006
Under 16 female born 2007/2008
Under 14 female born 2009
Under 13 female born 2010/2011

... The tournament is split into 8 categories, each with a preliminary round and a playoff round. The three best-placed teams in each category will receive a trophy. In addition to that the following individual trophies will be handed out to:

  • the best male player of the tournament
  • the best female player of the tournament
  • the best male goalkeeper of the tournament
  • the best female goalkeeper of the tournament
...the following awards have already become a tradition:
  • Fair play trophy
  • to all the birthdays (surprise gift)
  • to the referees
Previous winners
1.Italy63 wins
2.Germany42 wins
3.Croatia27 wins
4.Austria11 wins
5.Slowakia8 wins
6.Czech Rebulic8 wins
7.Taiwan4 wins
8.Slovenia2 wins
9.Estonia1 win

Harald Leimgruber +39 340 9402784
Fax. +39 0474 658011
Linda Rier +39 340 4724683
Last day of registration is May 31 2023
1st Phase - 1st May 2023
2nd Phase - 31 May 2023
Attention: limited number of participants!!

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